Spycams For Night Surveillance

There are many spycams that are designed for use in normal daylight situations.  However, if you want a mini spy camera that will also operate in dim lighting or total darkness then it is best to look for spycams with night vision capabilities.   Night vision spycams are equipped with high powered infrared LEDs to enhance the amount of infrared light in the area being monitored.  Although the naked eye cannot naturally see the infrared light that is emitted by all people and objects, night vision spycams can pick it up and convert it into a clear black and white image for effective night surveillance.

Black and white spycams are generally known to perform better under low light conditions than color cameras, however as the light diminishes they can also lose brightness and become more fuzzy.   There are now a number of advanced color spycams on the market that function extremely well under low light, maintaining excellent picture quality even in total darkness.  These spycams are equipped with sensors which detect changes in lighting and cause the infrared illuminators to switch on under low light conditions.  During daylight hours these devices function as normal color spycams, but are smart enough to swap over to black and white mode when light levels drop.

When evaluating night vision spycams, the three features to look for are the mini spy camera’s lux rating, CCD size and video gain.  Lux rating is an indication of the spycam’s sensitivity to light.  The spycams that function best in low light conditions are the ones with the lowest lux ratings and the highest video gains.  Generally, ½ inch CCD spycams provide the highest gain and produce optimum picture quality in darkness when combined with infrared LED’s.

Night vision spycams come in a variety of models that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.  Some infrared mini spy cameras feature pinhole lenses that can be concealed just about anywhere.  Other night vision spycams are adapted for outdoor use and feature weatherproof, water resistant casings to protect them from the elements, and some even come equipped with a heater to keep them functioning in extremely cold weather.

Night vision spycams are an excellent choice when it comes to securing your property after dark.  With a night vision spycam you can see exactly what is happening in poorly lit areas in or around your home or office, and eliminate any unwelcome surprises from things that go bump in the night.

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