Spycams Made Simple

Spycams are cameras which are used for covertly capturing images of someone or something.  All spycams use a covert camera for filming video and images coupled with either a TV, VCR or digital recording device (DVR) for viewing and recording the images.  Wireless spy cameras differ from wired spycams in that the camera is located at some distance from the viewing device.  In these kinds of spycams a wireless transmitter is used to broadcast the video feed via radio frequencies which are picked up by a receiver unit attached to the viewing device.   Wi-Fi spycams are also wireless spy cameras, but these transmit the signal to a wireless router for viewing on the computer, over the internet or even on a smart phone.

All-in-one spycams are one of the simplest kinds of spycams to use, since they incorporate both the covert camera and the image storage system in one unit. The spycam’s footage can be easily viewed by removing the memory card from the DVR and connecting it to a computer.  No doubt the nanny camera tips the scales as one of the most popular styles of all-in-one spycams.  These feature a tiny camera hidden inside everyday objects such as clock radios, smoke alarms, tissue boxes, sculptures or fake plants.  Nanny cameras are often used for covert surveillance of babysitters or personnel who have been assigned to care for elderly family members, and employers frequently use these spycams in the workplace to monitor the activities of their staff.

Blackbox spycams are often used in circumstances where the sudden appearance of a new household item might seem suspicious.  These are all-in-one spycams about the size of a cigarette pack that can be hidden inside items that are already part of the regular decor.  Another alternative is to drill a hole in a ceiling or wall and install a pinhole spycam. Pinhole spycams feature miniature lenses that are only a couple of millimetres wide and they can be hidden virtually anywhere.  Some pinhole spycams even come camouflaged as screw heads so that they can be easily blended into their surroundings.

Body worn spycams are self-contained systems that are designed to be integrated into clothing or accessories.  These units are typically disguised as buttons, pens, watches, keychains and cigarette lighters.  Since body worn spycams are powered by small internal batteries their recording time is generally limited to just a couple of hours.  Nevertheless these sorts of spycams provide amazingly clear picture quality and are ideal for covertly filming a particular event or a meeting.   Mystery shoppers, investigators and businesses wanting to spy on their competitors will commonly use body worn spycams.

Spycams have become an increasingly popular home surveillance item over the last few years thanks to technological advances which have lowered the production costs for these items.  Their ever-increasing affordability and availability means that spycams could be hidden anywhere and everywhere.  For advice on how you can protect your privacy from spycams and other eavesdropping devices, check out our related articles on bug detectors.


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