Spying Gadgets For Stealthy Surveillance and Everyday Use

Spying gadgets are no longer just for the super slick secret agent from those cool 1960s television shows…

There are many different kinds of surveillance devices on the market for everyday use. Audiovisual capabilities can be hidden in many inconspicuous common items from pens to clocks so that you can keep your property secure or find out who has been stealing your lunch from the office fridge. There are also many spying gadgets for young spies in training who just want to have a little fun in their spare time.

Spying Gadgets or Everyday Items?

For instance, you can find spying gadgets like PenCams that do discreet video surveillance. PenCams are more effective than smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices because they are easy to hold and control. Also, they are very inconspicuous, so many people are not likely to think that a pen can be used as a recording device. Many of these devices can store lots of data. In fact, there are a few that store up to 4 GB of audio and video data.

Sunglasses are also another unobtrusive way to gather data on the subject without his or her knowing. The best thing about using sunglasses as spying gadgets is that you can point in the general direction of your subject naturally. Even if you are inside, you can still record information, especially if you have spy sunglasses that have a remote control.  Amazingly, with these spying gadgets you may be able to get more than an hour of video and many of them allow you to transfer your data directly to your PC.

Watches have continued to be popular spying gadgets as they tend to provide lots of functions. One thing that makes them so effective is that many of them tend to look like toys, so they probably are not taken very seriously. However, you can get a night vision mission video watch that can shoot still video with real time video as well as audio. Some watches even have add-on features such as a snake cam that gives you the ability to peek around corners.

These days it helps to have spying gadgets that look like common items such as iPods and other electronics since they also look just as inconspicuous as watches and jewelry. You can find a fake iPod that works as a camera or a classic looking lighter with a camera. If you can stay out of sight, there are other spying gadgets like bionic ears with headphones and eavesdropping devices that let you listen to whatever goes on in the room next to yours. You can also find tracking devices that can be easily concealed.

These are a few of the spying gadgets available for all kinds of people, not just professionals. The trick is to get something that the subject of your surveillance will not notice. Whether you want a nanny cam to make sure your children are safe or you want to find out who leaves flowers on your desk, you have many spying gadgets available for your use.