Eavesdropping Devices: Is Your Mobile Keeping Tabs on You?

Cell phones have become a virtual necessity in today’s busy world, yet how many cell phone users are aware that these handy communication devices also have the capacity to become powerful eavesdropping devices?

If you have ever been given a mobile phone as a gift, then beware – it could actually be an eavesdropping device designed to spy on your every move. Online electronics shops sell multitudes of spy phones that look and operate exactly like regular Nokia or Blackberry phones but which have been programmed to act as undercover eavesdropping devices. These can alert the interested party to listen in whenever a phone call takes place and will also forward copies of both incoming and outgoing text messages. Even more alarming is the fact that the phone can also act as an eavesdropping device even when it is not in use. All that’s needed to transform the phone into an eavesdropping device is for the listener to dial in and silently activate its microphone using a pre-programmed number. Like a bug that goes anywhere the target goes, this eavesdropping device can be used to transmit and record any conversations happening in the immediate vicinity of the phone without the target’s knowledge.

Spyphone software programs have taken this technology one step further by allowing ordinary mobile phones to be turned into illicit eavesdropping devices. If there is a possibility that your spouse, boss, friends, family or anyone else has gained access to your mobile for a few minutes then there is a chance that they have downloaded spyphone software on to the phone that will allow it to function as a mobile eavesdropping device. Spyphone software turns ordinary mobile phones into a formidable breed of surveillance equipment. What other eavesdropping devices have the capability to transmit the target’s phone conversations to a receiver anywhere in the world, access their SMS messages (including deleted messages), access photos, appointments and address book contacts, track their location, spy on their web browsing habits AND have an undetectable eavesdropping device that can be used to monitor all their conversations and activities permanently planted on them? Scary, isn’t it…

If you want to prevent your phone from being used against you as an eavesdropping device then it is recommended that you keep a close eye on your phone at all times and install a security code on it to prevent unauthorized access. Clues that your mobile may already have been transformed into an eavesdropping device include an increase in data traffic, unusual battery drain and changes in the time it takes to shut down your phone. There are some programs that can be purchased online which claim to detect and remove spyphone software, but the only way to be sure a cell phone is not being used as an eavesdropping device is to turn it off and take the battery out.

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