Bug Detector Buyer’s Guide

In an era where virtually anyone can purchase and install a hidden camera or listening device, investing in a bug detector is an excellent way to safeguard your privacy. If you suspect that someone is trying to gain access to your information or keep themselves updated on your private activities then a bug detector can help you to locate any hidden devices and provide authenticated evidence that your rights have been violated.

A portable bug detector is a relatively inexpensive option for revealing any wireless hidden cameras, microphones or active cell phones that may have been planted in your home, office or car. This kind of bug detector, also called an rf detector, comes with an extendable antenna and works by scanning for radio frequency emissions in the range of 50mHz to 60 gHz. Your bug detector will begin to react as soon as a wireless field is picked up, so be sure to turn off any known wireless devices before performing your sweep. The bug detector will emit a series of audible alerts to let you know if you are getting closer or further away from the source of the signal. It is a good idea to choose an rf detector which also offers vibrations, LED indicator lights or an earpiece attachment as an alternative to audible tones, so that you can discreetly locate any listening devices before the operator is able to switch them off.

If you want to uncover both wired and wireless spy cameras, then you will need to purchase a bug detector which features a lens detector, such as the Spyfinder bug detector. This kind of bug detector uses military-developed optical technology to pinpoint bright reflected spots from tiny hidden camera lenses. You simply don’t know who might be watching you when you enter a changing room, tanning booth, hotel room or even a workspace, so investing in a bug detector with a lens locator is the smart choice for securing your privacy. Some of the more sophisticated bug detectors on the market today even offer camera finders that allow you to view and record the live video feed.

A telephone bug detector can be of assistance when you suspect that someone may be eavesdropping. Phone tap bug detectors will signal when someone has picked up another extension or may automatically disconnect other extensions when your line is in use. A premium wiretap bug detector will constantly monitor the telephone line voltage and provide an alert or automatically cut off audio when signal variations indicate that the phone line is being tapped.

Whatever your needs, a bug detector offers affordable peace of mind and is the simple solution to ensuring your privacy and security.