Spycams You Can Watch Over the Internet

Hidden spycams allow you to see what is happening in your home when you are not there.  Many spycams come equipped with a digital recording device (DVR) which stores the images for later viewing on a computer via a small memory card.  However, recent advances in digital technology have now produced a new breed of Wi-Fi spycams: mini spy cameras which allow you to get a live birds-eye view of exactly what is happening in your home no matter where you are.

Wi-Fi spycams work by wirelessly sending a video and audio signal directly to your wireless router.  You can then view and record the video on your home computer or you can access the spycam’s video stream from a remote location via the internet or a smart phone.  To see the live images the spycam  is capturing, all you need to do is type the camera’s web address into your browser.  Wi-Fi spycams are a great home surveillance option for vacationers who want to check that their home is secure while they are away, and they can also provide assurance for parents who may need to leave their older children at home unattended for a period.

One of the benefits of using wi-fi spycams as opposed to other kinds of wireless spy cameras is that they are not subject to interference from other wireless devices including additional spycams, cordless phones and baby monitors since they do transmit using radio frequencies.  Wireless spy cameras that emit radio frequencies also pose more security risks than wi-fi spycams since their radio signal is susceptible to interception.  Wi-fi spycams offer users the advantages of improved privacy through encrypted transmissions and the ability to use multiple cameras in one location.

Use of wi-fi spycams requires a broadband internet connection, a wireless router with a port forwarding or virtual server option if you wish to view the video online, and a computer.  Wi-fi spycams first need to be connected directly to the router using a network cable, but once paired the cable can be removed and the wireless spy cameras can be hidden anywhere.  It is worth noting that even though wi-fi spy cams are deemed to be ‘wireless’, this refers to the method by which they transmit their signal and does not mean they operate without the need for electrical wires.  Wi-Fi spycams do need to be plugged into a power outlet but this also means that they have the ability to be moved easily from one position in the home to another.

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