Bug Detector Advice for Business Owners

Think a bug detector is a piece of high-tech spy equipment that is better suited to a James Bond movie than the real world? Think again. In today’s competitive business environment, a bug detector is a critical piece of office equipment that can assist in preventing the leakage of sensitive workplace information.

A bug detector, also referred to as an rf detector, can be used to ensure that there are no hidden microphones or cameras in your office that might disclose information to competitors regarding your intellectual property or the progress of important projects. Smart business owners will also consider using a bug detector to warn them of any hidden cell phones which may be recording or filtering information to outsiders during confidential meetings.

A telephone bug detector can also be useful for alerting you when someone is eavesdropping on your private phone conversations. This kind of bug detector will signal if someone else has picked up another extension or if the line has been tampered with through a wired or wireless tap. Another way to keep conversations and meetings confidential is to use a bug detector with a white noise generator. These sorts of bug detectors are effective in counteracting listening devices stashed in walls, ventilation and electrical outlets or trained on windows.

Some advanced counter surveillance bug detectors are able to provide protection against all kinds of electronic bugging in a single unit, including room, phone and body bugs, as well as video and recording devices. Although these kinds of bug detectors are a much pricier option, they can more than pay for themselves if a bug is detected. A sophisticated bug detector like this can also be used to record evidence of unauthorized access to your office or equipment by an employee or an intruder in the event that your rights are violated.

A bug detector works by picking up radio frequencies from all wireless devices in its immediate vicinity, so be sure that any office equipment which may interfere is switched off before you begin a scan. Your rf detector will react to computer monitors, wireless mouses and keyboards, internet routers, mobiles and cordless phones, televisions, microwaves, wireless speakers and two-way radios. Once these devices have been deactivated, it should only take a matter of minutes to perform a thorough sweep with your bug detector.

In the business arena, your privacy is priceless – investing in a bug detector today helps to ensure that your competitors are minding their own business and not yours.