Eavesdropping Devices: Defeating Wireless Transmitters

There are many different eavesdropping devices on the market today including those which can be used to monitor conversations and those that are suited to intercepting telephone communications. The most common eavesdropping devices consist of battery-powered units that contain a miniature microphone and radio transmitter. Pre-assembled wireless eavesdropping devices can be purchased cheaply from online spy shops, or components can be obtained from electronics stores and assembled using plans downloaded from the internet.

Wireless eavesdropping devices are popular because they are easy to hide if the listener does not have the skill or prolonged access needed to hardwire a permanent piece of covert listening equipment into a room. They are also typically inexpensive to purchase, which means that they can simply be left behind when the batteries on the eavesdropping device run down.

Wireless eavesdropping devices work by transmitting radio signals over the same RF frequencies that FM radios use. Signals transmitted by the eavesdropping device are picked up by a receiver at a nearby listening post which is generally located somewhere nearby. The small battery-powered eavesdropping devices that can be purchased online can generally only transmit over short distances however the range is sufficient for someone in an adjacent room or floor to be able to gain access to your private information.

Eavesdropping devices have become so miniaturized that they can be easily incorporated into pens, calculators and many common household or office items, however the smaller the eavesdropping device, the smaller its operational capabilities. Business owners need to be wary of corporate gifts and promotional merchandise given out by salesmen such as pens, briefcases, clocks or any kind of electronic equipment as these may contain implanted eavesdropping devices. They should also be aware of the potential for exposure to eavesdropping devices if their competitors are located in adjacent premises.

Wireless eavesdropping devices can be located by using bug detectors, or rf detectors, to sweep the area for radio frequency emissions. Professional counter measure services are the most effective way to counteract eavesdropping devices, however these highly trained specialists can cost thousands of dollars, and may not be a financially viable option for detecting amateur eavesdropping.

Eavesdropping devices can be notoriously difficult to find in high rise buildings since the FM radio signals from local stations tend to be stronger on the higher floors and can cause interference with bug detectors. Sophisticated eavesdropping devices can also evade bug detector sweeps by switching between frequencies and if a listener becomes aware of countermeasures they may even remotely deactivate the eavesdropping device. This is why it’s important that if you suspect you have been bugged you stay calm and conduct a painstakingly thorough scan for the eavesdropping device or call in the professionals as quickly and discreetly as possible.

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